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Refunds and Returns

Refunds Policy

You can get a refund if your order has not already been shipped. Once your order is shipped it is then classed as sent. The alternative if it has been shipped is return to sender without opening the packaging. Once we recieve the package unopened we will refund your money less any fees and shipping costs plus the $15.00 cancellation fee if applicable.

If you are due a refund it will be returned to you by direct deposit. We will require your bank details to transfer the funds back to you. When getting a refund you will be given the amount shipping (if it’s been shipped).

Returns Policy

You can only return your purchase if you select return to sender and the item is sent back without being opened from the original packaging. Refunds will be done as per above refunds policy.

You can exchange your item if the item has not been opened and is returned in its original packaging unopened. All shipping costs will be at your expense. We will only accept returns after you have contacted admin[@]cutlist dot biz to discuss this and make arrangements.

It is important to note that you are given several chances to confirm the items you are ordering and we do not take responsibility for any mistakes made during this process.

If your item is faulty, you will need to email Cutlist.biz photos of the faults within 48 hours of receiving your order. After 48 hours your are classed as accepting the goods as dispatched. Please note, this does not include damage to the packaging.

If your order arrives packed wrongly, please email admin[@]cutlist dot biz as soon as you get it and provide us with photos of the boxes and also the items inside.

Returns and exchanges need to be sent to 27-33 Bunya Crt, Cedar Vale, Qld, 4285. As mentioned above please hit return to sender as the easiest way to do this.