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Bench Tops

There is few choices when it comes to choosing the right bench top product. Please have a look over the options below to get an idea on what is available.

Postformed Tops (this is the standard). Most kitchens start off by choosing this and then upgrading to the higher priced products below. The beauty of laminate is that the range of colours is incredible. Most laminates are very durable, and you can even select colours that look very similar to stone, giving you a cheaper option to create a similar look.

Most times I do laminate tops with a “Square form” edge detail. This is Laminex’s name for a 5×5 pencil round, but most laminate companies have laminates that can roll this tight.

You can also do square edge, timber edge and 2mm pvc edge laminate tops as other options. Postforming is the normal option, but the other 3 can and do still get done.

With doing square edge, you do see the black laminate line from the substrate of the laminate. To alleviate this, you can do a 2mm pvc edge which is solid colour, or also can be done in gloss to go with a gloss laminate.

To see the colour choices for laminate please visit our Colour Selections page

Solid Timber Tops (always supplied two pack/country oiled) are something I don’t do a lot of, but do get requested every so often. As I have mentioned it always comes supplied in two pack country oil to ensure it can handle being used as a bench top surface. The down side to this type of bench top is that you will need to maintain it by oiling it with more country oil every 12 months or so. But it does look fantastic when done.
Corian Tops are a very expensive way to go with bench top surfaces, but in saying this, they are one of the most versatile products that can be used.

Corian has the ability to be completely seemless, so you cannot see any joins when it’s finished, plus, if you do happen to scratch it, all you do is buff the scratch back out.

Natural Stone Tops come in a few different ranges as well. Being that they are natural products, they are generally more expensive than going with the “man made reconstituted” bench top options below. The down side to natural stone is that not every slab of stone is identical, so you can get colour variations, but it still looks magical when installed.

You can see some of the colour choices of natural stone at the WK Website or follow these links straight to each stone types page.


Reconstituted Stone Tops otherwise known as man made stone is a very popular product for use as a bench top. It can be very cost effective and have a great look when installed.

It is non porous, has a high resistance to scratching and chipping. High abrasion resistance, high resistance to acids, oils and staining. Its also very strong and heat resistant.

You can see some of the colour choices by visiting the Colour Selections page and heading on down to the bench top colours section.
Stainless Steel Tops generally used in commercial applications, has become quite popular in the domestic cabinetry industry.

This is a product you can use in doors and out doors, you can have the sinks welded into it and enjoy the looks of seamless steel.

It can be scratched, but then this is normal when using it as a bench top and can usually be polished back out again with the right products.

Below is a selection of photos for different types of bench tops.

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