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Cutlist.biz Cabinet Making. Custom Designed Cabinetry 

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Firstly I’d like to tell you a little about how this business came into existance. I’ve been in the cabinet making industry since 1990, when I first started my apprenticeship in Canberra. I spent 4 years working for CFM Kitchens, the largest kitchen manufacturer in all of Canberra. There system was a large production style operation, so I had the opportunity to learn alot of machines and differant styles of construction methods, due to all the tradesmen that worked there.In 1994 I left CFM Kitchens and went to work for other companies in Brisbane to learn more styles of cabinet making. In doing this I learnt alot about design and differant methods of construction.

Custom Designed Furniture More InformationIn my last place of employment, Highland Kitchens. I was their foreman/designer/manager for the 4 years that I was working there. It was my responsibility to design all the projects and supply the tradesmen with working drawings and cutting lists. By doing this I started to understand how much time it takes to organize these areas of a Cabinet Shop. This gave me the idea of setting up a business revolving around a design and cutting list service to the cabinet makers which I then found that the D.I.Y market had a need for this service as well. The only problem was that after supplying cutting lists to the D.I.Y market was that unless they were actually a tradesmen or very handy with their hands, constructing cabinets didn’t come easy and I found alot of after service questions were asked.

Custom Designed Furniture More InformationThis brought me to the latest stage in my business evolvment, D.I.Y custom built kitchens, where the customer has the option of either installing the cabinetry themselves, or have Cutlist installing it. I find that now most people prefer to have the cupboards installed. Some still like to get real hands on and install the cupboards themselves as well, saving them an average of $650 on the average size kitchen, when they go with this option I deliver the constructed cupboards to their house and sort it all out for them and give them some insight into how it all works.

Of course if your not a hands on person, I can arrange to have the cupboards installed as well. So don’t worry, I can accomodate your needs as well.

Custom Designed Furniture More InformationTo arrange for a free measure and quote, please use theĀ enquiries page.

I still offer a design service where I can custom design your cabinetry needs to suit your environment and then take those plans off to your own cabinet maker for quoting. If you are interested in this please see the pricing schedule below.

Below you will see the pricing structure for the design work that I am able to supply you. All prices are GST inclusive


* Design Work: $71.50 per/hour. 1 hour minimum charge
** Consultations: $71.50 per/hour or part there of

*Design work includes my time to get from my office to your place of residence and any measuring involved. Or you can meet me at my office to design your project.
**Calls for more information, further instructions on construction and installation method outside of the information provided or any after service calls are considered as a Consultation charge

If there is another service you would like to enquire about or would like to try out my services, please feel free to contact myself using theĀ enquiries page.

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