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Kitchen Checklist

I was looking through The Starting Point Queensland edition and came across the section on Kitchen Checklist which has some good tips on designing your kitchen.

Most of these points cabinet makers generally take into consideration when designing your kitchen and we generally also take into consideration whats cost effective in renovating.

A lot of the time, relocating appliances to make the working space more user friendly can be costly as well. So please take this into consideration when trying to work with this checklist.

The checklist

Has the kitchen been designed so that the food preparation area is set apart from the main thoroughfare?

Have all stoves, cook tops and ovens been kept clear of corners of the room and also is there enough space beside the cook top to swing your pot handles around?

Will opening doors on appliances be inhibited by the adjoining cabinets of walls? This one is very important especially when looking at your fridge space.

Is there a hood/flue for above the stove/cook top and does it need to be plumbed out through the roof space?

Do you have enough space behind the sink and window sill to allow proper use of the taps?

Is there provision for tea towel rails and tidy bins so that you don’t have to have them out on the floor or bench?

Have you considered if you will upgrade your fridge any time in the future and allowed enough space to accommodate for this?

Which way does your fridge door swing open and can it be reversed if need be?

Have you allowed for space for a dishwasher or deep freezer, even if they are not being currently installed? You can always have a removable cabinet installed that is the correct dimensions to allow for this.

Have you worked out what all the appliances are that you would like to have in your kitchen?

If not redoing your floor coverings, have the cabinets been worked so that they will recover the existing lines to their best ability?

Have you thought about whether you would like to use soft close doors and soft close drawers or not?

Have you looked into what door and bench top finishes you would like to have?

I will leave this thread open for comments to allow for anyone to add their own suggestions to it

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