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No Handle Look

Published on May 23, 2009 by in Products
Custom Designed Furniture No Handle Look

In our ever changing environment, kitchens have moved beyond the need of having handles to open the doors and drawers.

Blum have released some great products for achieving this look.

Firstly there is “tip-on”, which is used for having touch release doors. This is easily installed by drilling a 10mm hole into the gable, rail or bottom of a cabinet and then attaching the metal plate to the back of the door to allow the magnet to hold it closed.

Tip-on only requires a soft touch to open the door and can be used on melamine, wood, metal and glass doors. As long as unsprung hinges are used on the doors, the door will open to a comfortable point to be able to open it the rest of the way.

Ideally I use Tip-on on servery doors as a foot release door, it has become the perfect accessory for dealing with this situation as opposed to the old style touch catches.

Tip-on is also cheap enough to do, and works out to around the same cost as doing medium priced handles.

Read the tip-on brochure from Blum for more information.

Secondly there is Servo-drive for drawers from Blum.

Whilst there has been other products from other suppliers, having touch release drawers was always going to be a product that needed alot of design work put into it.

In this kitchen I used another product that was available at the time by Grass, they didn’t have the ability to softclose, and also took alot of work to get adjusted right. They also required a large gap between the carcase and the drawer front to work effectively.

Servo-Drive works by an electrical drive that pushes the drawer out from the back after having a gentle touch pushed on the front, allowing a no handle look to work well. Servo-Drive also works alongside blumotion on the tandembox drawers, giving the ability to have self opening and also soft closing drawers.

Whilst I have yet to install this system, I am looking forward to having the opportunity to do it. Due to the additional costs of having this ability though, it’s not for everyone.

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